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There are many amenities available to visitors here at The Summit. There are 6 spas and 4 saunas with wash rooms and showers located throughout the complex. These facilities are available to all owners and guests between the hours of 10:00 AM. and 10:00 PM.
Please view the complex map at the bottom of the page to see locations. Unit keys are required to access many of these amenities.
Laundry rooms with coin operated washers and dryers are in every building. A coin changer and a vending machine for soap, softener, and dryer sheets are located across from the Fitness Center in the Summit Office building.
Summit Office
The Main Office has a Fitness Center, vending machines, a comfortable lobby with Television, WiFi access, bathrooms with showers, a sauna, outdoor Jacuzzi and swimming pool, plus a sun deck with Barbeque, tables, chairs, and lounge chairs. A horseshoe pit is located behind the pool.
Fitness Center
A Fitness Center located in the Summit Office building and open 24 hours a day. It is complete with a full size bench press, a rack of free weights, a multi-station gym, torso trac, treadmill, elliptical machine, and bikes. To help pass the time, a television has been mounted on a swiveling platform so that guests can view it from any of the machines. Use your unit key to enter the Center.
Spa and Pool
The Main Pool and a large Jacuzzi is located just outside the main office area, between the tennis courts and the Emerson building. There is also a gas Barbeque for those looking to cook up something for lunch or dinner.
A Jacuzzi, sauna, washrooms and showers are located on the lower level.
Ansel Adams and Bradley Spa and Pool
Located between Ansel Adams and Bradley, the Sundance Pool is available to accommodate plenty of families and friends. Tables, chairs, lounge chairs and wash rooms
Dennison and Conness Spa
Located between Dennison and Conness are a Jacuzzi, wash rooms, showers, a barbeque with table and chairs.

Huntington Spa
Located next to Huntington are two Jacuzzis, a sauna, wash rooms, showers, and table and chairs.
A barbeque is located nearby in the courtyard.